100 horror challenge thing
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My list will be here!
These are updated as I watch them. There is no chance of me making 100 since I now have to go away for the rest of the month but I will continue to update with any horrors I see on TV.

Oct 1st
1. Nightbreed
Oct 2nd
2. Staunton Hill
Oct 3rd
3. Poltergeist ll: The Other Side
Oct 4th
4. Phone
5. I Spit On Your Grave
6. Wolf Creek
Oct 5th
7. All The Boy's Love Mandy Lane
Oct 6th
8. To Become One
9. Omen 4: The Awakening
10. Dolly Dearest
Oct 7th
11. The Stink Of Flesh
Oct 8th
no movies today
Oct 9th
12. Pet Semetary
13. New Nightmare
14. Alice, Sweet Alice
Oct 10th
15. The Hole
Oct 11th
16. The Killer Shrews
Oct 12th
17. Broken
18. Creep
19. The Hamiltons
20. Mum and Dad
21. Fragile
Oct 13th
22. The Hills Run Red
23. I Know Who Killed Me
24. Halloween 
25. House Of 1000 Corpses
26. Trailer Park Of Terror
27. 2000 Manicas
Oct 14th
28. Silent Hill
29. Babysitter Wanted
30. The Dark
31.  Dark Water
Oct 15th
32. Darkness
33. Severance
34. Eden Lake
35. Swimfan
Oct 16th
36. 13 Hours In A Warehouse
Oct 17th
37. Crazy Eights
38. Dummy
39. Freddy V's Jason
40. House Of Wax
Oct 18th
no movies today
Oct 19th
41. Dark Ride
42. Little Erin Merryweather
43. Orphan
44. Donkey Punch
Oct 20th
45. Triangle
46. The Amityville Horror
47. The Toolbox Murders
48. Hide and Seek
49. The Brood
50. Splinter
Oct 21st
51. The Devil's Chair
52. Final Destination 3
53. Satan's Little Helper
54. See No Evil
55. Ghost Ship
Oct 22nd
56. Slumber Party Massacre
57. Cabin Fever
58. Saw 3
Oct 23rd
59. The Last House On The Left
60. Blood Night: The Legend Of Mary Hatchet
Oct 24th
61. Steel Trap
62. Godsend
63. The Butcher
64. Cherry Tree Lane
65. Devils Playground
66. Stay Alive
Oct 25th
67. Nightmare: In A Damaged Brain
Oct 26th
68. The Children (2008)
69. Sorority House Massacre
70. Blood River
Oct 27th
no movies today
Oct 28th
Oct 29th
Oct 30th
Oct 31st

Friends Only!
This way i will know who is stealing my ideas and making movies out them, no but seriously for the sake of the content of this blog with will be mainly about Destruction i don't want ideas stolen by idea stealing types!

Just add me I'll add back.


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